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  • Regulation first aid kits meet regulations required by the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Regulations change on a continuing basis, for the most current regulations, refer to Canada Labour Code, Part II
Requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and are dependent on a number of factors including (but not limited to):
  • maximum number of employees at the work site (or per shift)
  • location of the place of employment/industry
  • type of industry and potential hazards
  • proximity or travel time to a medical facility
  • Notwithstanding the location of the place of employment/industry, federal regulation workplace first aid kits may be applicable
  • Common federal employers include the following interprovincial and international industries: - banks - railways, highway and air transport - ferries, tunnels, bridges and canals - telephone and telegraph systems - pipelines - radio and television broadcasting and cable systems - shipping and shipping services - employment in the operation of ships, trains and aircraft - licensed grain elevators, and certain feed mills and feed warehouses, flour mills and grain seed clearing plants - federal public service and persons employed by the public service and Crown corporations and agencies - indian reserves - exploration and development of petroleum on lands subject to federal jurisdiction
  • Bulk packed
  • Item required but not included: First Aid Station sign (item 97198) and 1 splint set

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